Government of the people that support the government, by the people that support the government, for the people that support the government.

Americans are polarized and angry. In the crossfire, the loudest voices drown out reason and facts with fear and anxiety. Patriocracy explores the extreme polarization in America that cripples the country from tackling its most serious problems. Whether it’s the national debt, healthcare reform, the war on terror or illegal immigration, Americans are shouting at each other instead of listening to each other.

Patriocracy brings an all-star cast of Senators, Congressmen/women, top Washington journalists, pundits and academia to the screen; giving their candid and comprehensive insights into the factors behind extreme polarization. Former Senator Alan Simpson, Bob Schieffer (CBS News), Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift (Newsweek), Ken Rudin (NPR) and Senator Kent Conrad are just a few of the high-level Washington personalities who offer their valuable perspectives on extremism in Washington and across the country.

Through raw and uncensored video of angry demonstrations and town hall meetings, Patriocracy offers a detailed examination of how Americans have become so polarized over the past decade, drilling down to the wealthy and anonymous forces that contribute to an environment of uncertainty and anxiety.

As America enters the 2012 election season, more money than ever will be spent to manipulate and sway voters by fear and emotion. Patriocracy sits in the dead center of this monumental tug-of-war, educating viewers so they do not fall victim to manipulation as they cast their ballots.

Patriocracy is produced and directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker, Brian Malone and is Executive Produced by well-known producer, Stephen Nemeth.