Don’t know whether this is brilliant or crazy

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

UPANDAT’EM!!!  Time to punch out my words, but first, a little nugget of [strange-brilliant?-insulting?-crazy?-ENTERTAINING]:  I’ve known Peter Lee for decades, and he has just graduated with an MFA from Syracuse (congratulations buddy!), a respected institution.  He was able to successfully defend THE MOST BIZARRE/VENOMOUS master’s thesis here:  Peter’s Master’s Thesis. What’s weird about it?  It’s got swearing, bizarrely colored words, and lulzspeak…IN A MASTER’S THESIS.

Context:  In the art world, it is crushingly apparent that unless you are in the top .00001% and damn lucky, you will never make a living doing art.  So Peter created a narrative where an artificial intelligence is created in his likeness, takes over the essay, and attacks him.  He speaks in the typical staid academic fashion while his AI duplicate…well it’s just f’ing crazy.  In this way he’s able to use himself as a stand-in/metaphor/double entendre for the institutionalized bureaucracy/intractability that leads many art…

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