Nothing More – “Nothing More”: Hard Rock Daddy Album Review

Hard Rock Daddy

Nothing More

If you listen to SiriusXM’s Octane, you have undoubtedly heard Nothing More’s “This Is The Time (Ballast).” The song has been sitting atop the Big ‘Uns Countdown for the past two weeks, and before emerging onto the countdown, Nothing More was featured as an Octane Accelerator band (designed to help break new artists). To call Nothing More a “new artist” is a bit misleading, given that the band has actually been together since 2003.  However, the self-titled album that just came out this week is the band’s first label release after a long and arduous journey that began in the suburbs of San Antonio, TX in middle school.

Getting to this point in their career would not have happened if the band didn’t have the fortitude to buck conventional wisdom and ignore the admonitions of those close to them to stay in school when they reached college-age.  According to frontman…

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