The Map of Philosophy

This video is such an excellent and comprehensive introduction to the various areas of philosophical interest. The narrator explains the intricate relations that each area has with the others. Also included in each section of the video are links to more videos about each specific subject. really did a great job creating this. They are also selling a full-sized poster of the Map of Philosophy on Zazzle.

Description from YouTube: A comprehensive map of all of the disciplines, areas and subdivisions of philosophy. Including logic, History of philosophy, philosophical traditions, value theory, epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, philosophy of action, ethics, aesthetics, social philosophy, political philosophy, philosophical methods and more! This video breaks down and offers a brief explanation of each area of study, and should serve as a good introduction for beginners, a solid refresher for journeymen and a cool illustration for experts. Enjoy!

map-of-philosophy also maintains a website with videos and more. The website has an interesting stated goal:

“ was created with the simple purpose of searching for knowledge.  The hope is to provide a place for anyone to submit beliefs and arguments for consideration and then subject those beliefs to rigorous criticism with the intent of finding those arguments which can withstand a skeptical eye.  Renowned and amateur arguments alike will be put to the test with the hope that some may pass. does not assent to or endorse any beliefs, but rather cultivates a disposition to seek wisdom through rigorous argument.  In true skeptical fashion, suspension of judgement is encouraged whenever certain knowledge is unattainable.  An attempt will be made to find ways to doubt and challenge any and all arguments, beliefs, positions, or conclusions.”

You can find them on twitter at @CarneadesCyrene.


A Taxonomic Map of Philosophy