Food for Thought with Elon Musk

[00:00:00] 20k Not a Flamethrower sold in 4 days

[00:04:00] Boring company – why it started

[00:07:00] Boring company – how it started

[00:10:00] How Elon manages his time

[00:12:30] AI

[00:21:00] AI + Regulations

[00:24:30] AI – Neuralink: Major announcement in the following months

[00:29:30] Whisky time

[00:34:00] Chimps and bonobos

[00:38:00] Social media and effects on people

[00:42:00] VR and simulation

[00:48:00] Simulations

[00:54:00] Checking out weapons

[00:55:00] Tesla time

[01:05:00] Tunnels and Flat Earth movement

[01:08:30] Tesla Roadster performance package (cold gas thrusters, 10k psi)

[01:10:00] Flying cars / magnet roads

[01:13:00] Planes

[01:21:00] Energy consumption

[01:26:00] Back on Tesla and cars – Roadster, Autopilot

[01:33:00] On people suing Tesla when they break a foot instead of dying

[01:45:30] Bottlenecks and what is holding Elon’s companies

[01:53:00] What keeps you up at night? (Tesla bottlenecks + history of Tesla’s bottlenecks)

[02:00:00] Tesla Solar roof

[02:04:00] Tesla may make products for the house (A/C?)

[02:05:00] Watches

[02:10:00] Puffing on a joint

[02:15:30] What is the hardest part being you?

[02:28:00] Space colonization

[02:33:00] Twitter

[02:36:00] Ending

Thanks to Rooney for the timestamps and topic organization.

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