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  • /r/philosophy Open Discussion Thread | October 15, 2018 /u/AutoModerator
  • Philosopher Martin Buber on Love and What It Means to Live in the Present /u/Ned_Fichy
  • Artificially intelligent systems are, obviously enough, intelligent. But the question of whether intelligence is possible without emotion remains a puzzling one /u/IAI_Admin
  • Anaximander, the second Greek philosopher, with some delightfully interesting cosmological and evolutionary theories /u/CatoTheEldest
  • [video] Seneca claimed that life is not short. Rather there is ample time for the greatest achievements, but we waste a lot of our time. The best life is found by “interacting” with philosophers of past ages. /u/Jneebs
  • The ethics of carbon offsetting /u/ruderascal
  • AI Alignment Podcast: On Becoming a Moral Realist with Peter Singer - Future of Life Institute /u/The_Ebb_and_Flow
  • It's not anti-realist to accept that fundamental laws and successes of modern physics don't perfectly describe reality | Nancy Cartwright /u/IAI_Admin
  • Introduction to Hegel: Philosophy in the Sopranos /u/lewlewwaller
  • Dutch philosopher Cornelis Verhoeven on the link between courage and violence /u/daanverhoeven
  • The Object and the Subject /u/carlnajafi
  • Political philosophy in the world: Human rights /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • It’s wrong to assume that if an argument contains a fallacy then it must necessarily be wrong, just as it’s wrong to assume that if an argument is fallacious in one aspect, then it must be fallacious in all aspects. /u/randomusefulbits
  • On the Question of "Selling Out" in Capitalism, in view of Aristotle and Marx /u/epochemagazine
  • Seven-hour "Existential Despair" class offered at UPenn aims to "staves off ego" /u/jschorr8
  • Time is an illusion - A look at Julian Barbour's timeless reality and its philosophical implications /u/captainlighthouse
  • The Obtuse Acute - why science can never displace philosophy /u/kempleb
  • Just and Unjust Wars in Syria: the Questionable Ethics of Bombing ISIS /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • Hannah Arendt's thought shows that we can not just reduce the time spent at work, but also transform the character of that time to unleash its potential /u/IAI_Admin
  • How to Fix Fake News | Technology has given rise to an age of misinformation. But philosophy, and a closer look at our own social behavior, could help eliminate it. /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • New in-depth interview with Rebecca Kukla /u/fatsosis
  • Jack Abramoff's rock and a hard place: Rationalizing through role morality /u/EthicsUnwrapped
  • Trying the Dead: on achieving justice when the defendant is dead /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • Nietzsche, the overman, and the herd morality /u/rencontini
  • Hobbes on knowledge and computer simulations of evolution /u/DevFRus
  • Breaking down an Appeal to Tradition ("That's how I was raised to believe, therefore it's true") /u/PartTimeTunafish


  • Announcement: Rule Changes /u/BernardJOrtcutt
  • /r/askphilosophy Open Discussion Thread | October 15, 2018 /u/AutoModerator
  • How to develop belief? /u/dtaitm
  • What does it mean that truth is a semantic property? /u/mauxdivers
  • While stage theory is controversial, does Kierkegaard nevertheless have a hierarchy of his spheres of the aesthetic, the ethical and the religious? /u/AlienatedAnglo
  • "Dwell with yourself, and you will know how short your household stuff is." /u/ryologic
  • Pro-natalism /u/ShadeofSob
  • Sexual consent and disability /u/ILieToCaptchas
  • What are some metaphysical questions that are not ontological? /u/bleuenvert
  • Do we have free will? /u/AskMeAbout_Sharks
  • When was Nozick first diagnosed with cancer? /u/jak_laka
  • Which philosopher has the best audio recordings to listen to while I focus on other tasks? /u/Rizeki99
  • Is the Problem of Criterion self refuting? /u/ineedphilosophyhelp
  • On what basis is a maxim that follows the categorical imperative good? What makes universalization or respect for the humanity in others moral? /u/regi_zteel
  • What are some everyday, real life decisions that involve similar moral tradeoffs as the trolley problem, or similar? /u/benjaminikuta
  • Why is the Allegory of the Cave so well received? It reads like some kind of conspiracy tin-foil pamphlet. /u/CompositeOnReddit
  • Is the starting point of Hegel's consciousness similar to Descartes? That doesn't feel right... /u/zswagz
  • What ethical works resolve feelings of "gratitude owed"? /u/Tioben
  • Any good recommendations for virtual philosophy forums? /u/ATadAbstract
  • Is philosophy a good major to take up for aspiring writers (novelists)? /u/outworld_dirty
  • Philosophy of Education /u/ireadiwriteiwatch
  • Would 'Do others as you do to your self' be the best way for a moral compass? /u/Casperiouse_PDFD
  • The German Ideology: Why does Marx claim that the contradiction between productive forces and social relations is the condition for the contradiction between ideology and social relations? /u/AzzamTo
  • Can anyone explain the positive and negative aspects of Communitarianism. /u/LouieM13
  • Nietzsche, freedom and responsibility. /u/Stevetheboy123
  • Does the critique against continental philosophers include Sartre? /u/band_in_DC
  • What is the canonical German-language history/histories of philosophy? /u/lubukhati