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Footnotes to Plato

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  • /r/philosophy Open Discussion Thread | December 10, 2018 /u/AutoModerator
  • The Enlightenment idea that you can choose your own moral system is wrong. The moment of choice where you’re not attached to any existing moral system does not exist | Stanley Fish /u/IAI_Admin
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  • In Reason We Trust: Why Morality Has Nothing to do with Religion /u/ryanmb30
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70 today. All human rights are the product of rebellion, said Albert Camus. /u/fullersam
  • Evaluating an argument with just one flowchart /u/lightgiver
  • Prayer is not reserved for the believers only. Its performative dimension makes it effective and appropriate for expressing thoughts and feelings, argues William Irwin. /u/IAI_Admin
  • On the Permissibility of Consentless Sex with Robots /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • The Dawdler's Philosophy Podcast - Wittgenstein's "On Certainty" /u/hapaxTwin
  • Arguing for Panpsychism/Philosophical Idealism/Fundamentality of Consciousness based on Anomalies of Quantum Physics /u/NothingToDoubt92
  • Hannah Arendt and the source of human values /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • Scholars Minette Drumwright and Patrick Murphy present term for varying levels of moral dismissal: myopia and blindness. /u/EthicsUnwrapped
  • A Feminist Critique of Scientific Objectivity /u/Analog-Digital
  • Podcast: Reconstructing morality in a naturalistic universe - with Philip Pettit /u/PollPhilPod
  • Methods of description and explanation in neuroscience /u/throwa2934
  • Daniel Dennett, Facing up to the hard question of consciousness /u/EyeYouRis
  • The Hippies Were Right: It's All about Vibrations, Man! /u/nerdie
  • Being Human [5] – Cultural Habits | on how culture imbues us with habits; that is, how we take cues from the things around us and from this develop our characteristic worldviews /u/kempleb
  • Nietzsche on Truth, Lies, the Power and Peril of Metaphor, and How We Use Language to Reveal and Conceal Reality /u/horizonhorizon11
  • Pascal's wager: betting on God /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • The belief that everything is part of some fundamental entity, substance, or process found to be predictive of treating others as members of one's own group. /u/Science_Podcast
  • The demographic, psychographic, and geographic reasonings for our "groupings" have moral implications. /u/EthicsUnwrapped
  • Voting Methods: An Open Target for Effective Altruism /u/ILikeNeurons
  • Our lives are not our own – a meditation on individualism. /u/mboop127
  • How philosophy can help us have better arguments /u/ADefiniteDescription


  • Announcement: New Rules, Guidelines and Flair System /u/BernardJOrtcutt
  • /r/askphilosophy Open Discussion Thread | December 10, 2018 /u/AutoModerator
  • Can there be a way to raise animals for meat that never treats them as a means, rather than an end? /u/doyouwantablow-job
  • Hegel's Holiday by Rene Magritte /u/giuliafromwesteros
  • Any quick tips on ways to make a poorly thought out or confused paper better without rewriting the entire thing? /u/nemo1889
  • Is there a philosophical critique of letter from birmingham jail /u/cronos844
  • Do inanimate objects have a well-being? /u/pop_philosopher
  • Review questions help for intro philosophy class: Marcus Aurelius' Meditations and Plotinus' Enneads /u/amazaingarbear
  • Does -or can- asserting that "a person or argument being (il)logical", as we use it in everyday life and public discourse, have any distinct meaning, ie can we map it to some actual concept in logic or philosophy of logic? /u/Madokara
  • Plato and knowledge /u/later_thought72
  • Has poetry ever influenced philosophy? /u/Nine_Hostages
  • Is it possible to have empathy and not be moved by it, or to even act with cruel intentions despite having empathy? /u/Kuweo
  • Is this an accurate description of what calls for thinking in Heidegger? /u/bellastar86
  • Could anyone offer some methodological tricks and tips for solving domain problems in symbolic logic? /u/superquin
  • Is an "abstract object" the same as an "abstract concept"? Is it simply different wording by different authors? /u/gutfounderedgal
  • Had Camus read Being in Time before writing The Myth of Sisyphus? /u/2npii
  • For What Reasons Would Philosophers Believe in a God? /u/imasian1231
  • Seeking recommendations - what philosophical movement am I “getting at” here? /u/SpaceCadet678
  • few questions about interpretations of Quantum mechanic /u/expertflyerwang
  • Is Bayes' Theorem the key to understanding what it means to think rationally? /u/Gasegami_
  • Why did Plato believe that existence is inherently good? /u/AnAspidistra
  • Can someone explain to me the difference between Kant’s A Priori, A Posteriori, and Synthetic A Priori in understandable terms? /u/CloudySkyz
  • Can Consequentialism be Reduced to a Deontological Rule? /u/TheOboeMan
  • (What reason) What thing causes you to think that increasing the possibilities of others (the amounts of things others may cause to happen) is good? /u/Tom-mjp
  • What’s the appeal to the idea of mechanistic materialism? /u/anon_442
  • What does it mean to truly believe something? /u/ChiefWilliam
  • What does Sartre mean when saying that "Man presents himself at least in this instance as a being who causes Nothingness to arise in the world, inasmuch as he himself is affected with non-being to this end"? /u/AManOfManyWords