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Aeon Magazine

Since 2012, Aeon has established itself as a unique digital magazine, publishing some of the most profound and provocative thinking on the web. We ask the big questions and find the freshest, most original answers, provided by leading thinkers on science, philosophy, society and the arts.

  • The future seems wide open with possibilities – but is it?
    When we think of the future, it very naturally seems to be ‘open’ – a realm of unfixed possibilities, awaiting the choices we make now. But are we right to think about the future this way? Some philosophers argue that the only way to explain the differences in how we… Read more »
  • 550 million years of human evolution
    Via stints as reptiles, rodents and fish with feet, the evolution of humans is as meandering as it is extraordinary. Reminiscent of a similar sequence from Carl Sagan’s iconic TV series Cosmos (1980), this short animation traces human evolutionary history back 550 million years to a small, primitive fish known… Read more »
  • Islam after Salman
    The Satanic Verses would not be written or published today. What’s changed since Salman Rushdie’s notorious novel?By Bruce FudgeRead at Aeon Read more »
  • Speak to the shoemaker
    Philosophy need not be arcane, argued Aristotle, as he led by example, writing treatises for peers and public alikeBy Edith HallRead at Aeon Read more »
  • African art in Western museums: it's patrimony not heritage
    Museums with colonial-era collections have always known about the brutal parts of their biographies. But, through acts of purification via historical distance, they have chosen to ignore them. Museum directors now have to re-think their position as defenders of their collections in light of a dif...By Charlotte JoyRead at Aeon Read more »

Brain Pickings

Oh hello. My name is Maria Popova. I am a reader and writer, and I write about what I read here on Brain Pickings — my one-woman labor of love. Drawn from my extended marginalia on the search for meaning across literature, science, art, philosophy, and the various other tentacles of human thought is a record of my own becoming as a person — intellectually, creatively, spiritually — and an inquiry into what it means to live a good life.

Philosophy Now

Welcome to Philosophy Now, the bi-monthly magazine for everyone interested in ideas. Published since 1991, it is the winner of the 2016 Bertrand Russell Society Award. Please look around!

  • Teaching Ethics: What’s The Harm?
    Patrick Stokes discusses some of the ethical problems arising in teaching ethics.
  • Jon Carter’s Cartoon
    by Jon Carter
  • News: February/March 2019
    Brain to Brain networking demonstrated • Saudi Arabia to lift philosophy teaching ban • Philosophy Now Against Stupidity Award — News reports by Anja Steinbauer
  • Hounded in Holland
    Seán Moran considers canine companions.
  • Toughing it Out
    Anushka Bhaskar (18) and Anchal Bhaskar (16) take Resilience 101.

Existential Comics

A philosophy comic about the inevitable anguish of living a brief life in an absurd world. Also jokes.

Arts & Letters Daily

Arts & Letters Daily is brought to you by The Chronicle of Higher Education. New material is added to Arts & Letters Daily six days a week. Our motto, “Veritas odit moras,” is found at line 850 of Seneca’s version of Oedipus. It means “Truth hates delay.”

  • Physicists have long relied on Richard Feynman’s conception of space-time, but some are now dissenting. They point to geometry and something called “the amplituhedron” Read more »
  • History has been unkind to John Ruskin, he of the beard and the wedding-night disaster. In fact, he was a prophet for our times Read more »
  • The continuing uglification of our world. Modernism, with its place-destroying structures, has transformed architecture. It’s time for a return to aesthetics Read more »
  • One of Nancy Gardner Williams’s lecturers was always wearing an ascot and smoking. She married him, and became “Mrs. Stoner” Read more »
  • Gandhi: compassionate unifier, public intellectual, holder of classist and racist ideas. As he held, every “case can be seen from no less than seven points of view” Read more »

Blog of the American Philosophical Association

The American Philosophical Association promotes the discipline and profession of philosophy, both within the academy and in the public arena. The APA supports the professional development of philosophers at all levels and works to foster greater understanding and appreciation of the value of philosophical inquiry.

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The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) based in Paris. Its declared purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through educational, scientific, and cultural reforms in order to increase universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedom proclaimed in the United Nations Charter. It is the successor of the League of Nations’ International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation.


Quartz was founded in 2012 to serve a new kind of business leader with bracingly creative and intelligent journalism that’s built for users first. We help our audience see around corners, navigate disruption in their industries, build fulfilling careers, broaden their views of the world, and enjoy lives rich with culture.

  • There’s another African election this weekend few people are talking about
    Nigeria’s delayed election has grabbed headlines in African and international media. With Africa’s most populous country delaying its Feb. 16 elections over logistics issues, Nigerians will now vote tomorrow (Feb. 23). But the saga is happening at the expense of Senegal, which is set to vote for its next president… Read more »
  • The disconnect between Amy Klobuchar’s parental leave policy and her public platform
    There are a lot of noteworthy allegations (paywall) in the New York Times’ new exposé exploring how presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar treats her staff. For instance, the Minnesota senator purportedly ate her salad with a comb and threw binders in the direction of employees in frustration. But perhaps the most… Read more »
  • Sudan’s president al-Bashir is not stepping down just yet
    Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir has declared a yearlong state of emergency months after anti-government protests began calling for an end to his three-decade rule. In a speech delivered on Friday night (Feb. 22) in Khartoum, Bashir also dissolved both central and state governments and delayed constitutional amendments that would have… Read more »
  • Maduro and Guaidó are gearing up for a showdown at the Venezuelan border
    Tensions are rising in Venezuela, as the army reportedly opened fire against a group of civilians on Friday (Feb. 22), killing two people and injuring several others. The violent encounter happened in Kumarakapay, a small town close to the border with Brazil. Venezuelans are gathering there as they wait for… Read more »
  • Cheesed-off investors wiped $16 billion off the value of Kraft Heinz
    $12.6 billion is a lot of money. It’s roughly the cost of a US navy aircraft carrier, a bit less than what Amazon paid to take over Whole Foods, and if you had it in your wallet you’d be the 100th-richest person in the world. It’s also the amount of… Read more »


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