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  • /r/philosophy Open Discussion Thread | August 20, 2018 /u/AutoModerator
  • Due to optimism bias, we are likely to adopt false beliefs and rely on unfounded predictions. However, such failings are instrumental to our living a good life | Lisa Bortolotti /u/BothansInDisguise
  • Why we need a better philosophy of trees /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • How teaching philosophy could help combat extremism /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • Why developing a sense of authenticity takes time /u/dominiquec
  • A Neuro-Philosophy of History: “Sustainable History”; with Dignity, and without Directionality /u/NayefAlRodhan
  • A question about determinism. /u/Meatyjoe131
  • Carl Schmitt and the New Right by Bernd Reismann, 2005 /u/demandside
  • Sartre's maxim 'Existence precedes essence' states that our identity is not fixed. But reinventing ourselves implies that we have selves to reinvent, and the power to do so /u/IAI_Admin
  • Podcast: Civility, Tone Policing, and taking offense, A conversation with professor Teresa Bejan /u/PollPhilPod
  • Arguements for the Immateriality of Mind /u/NewDad5656
  • Graham Oppy recommends the best five books on atheist philosophy of religion /u/FiveBooks
  • The Relevance of Hypocrisy and Speech Acts in Perspective of Zizek's Critique of Social Media Activism /u/travelingextra
  • Philosophy of Religion: An Infinite Argument Against the Exsistence of God /u/JAGOMAN11
  • [Video] Henri Bergson - The Possible and The Real (a visual retelling) /u/epochemagazine
  • Kant's Formula for Humanity and why it is every person's moral duty to master themselves. /u/aliasbatman
  • Analytic Philosophy: An Interpretive History /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • Michael Puett recommends the best five books of Chinese philosophy /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • Go Ahead, Speak for Yourself: Not every opinion needs to be underwritten by your race or gender or other social identity | By Kwame Anthony Appiah, NYU Professor of Philosophy, adapted from his forthcoming book "The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity" /u/der_Ungrund
  • Arguments for determinism /u/s7th6
  • Podcast: An argument for Collective punishment with Tamler Sommers of Very Bad Wizards /u/PollPhilPod
  • Nietzsche, Camus and many others have said that we should think of our lives as a work of art. The problem is that this is both unhelpful and a bit meaningless | Bence Nanay /u/BothansInDisguise
  • Ontological Qualia: The Future of Personal Identity /u/The_Ebb_and_Flow
  • Studying philosophy cultivates a healthy scepticism about the moral opinions, political and scientific concepts with which we are daily bombarded. It teaches one to detect ‘higher forms of nonsense' | Peter Hacker /u/IAI_Admin
  • The New Socialism, A Case for the Mixed Economy and Market Socialism: A Theoretical Look at Future Economies and a Retrospective on the 20th Century Communist Economies /u/SilenceintheAbyss
  • The Costs of Free Speech /u/ADefiniteDescription


  • Announcement: Rule Changes /u/BernardJOrtcutt
  • /r/askphilosophy Open Discussion Thread | August 20, 2018 /u/AutoModerator
  • Private property, best arguments for and against /u/drc96
  • Heidegger's the nothing /u/echidnahuman
  • What does Descartes mean by saying that Actions and Passions are one and the same thing /u/Psycshe
  • Why is moral consistency important? /u/asexualcarrot
  • Aristotle's on friendship /u/ap101095
  • Does everything that happen, happen somewhere? /u/Loader__Bot
  • Why is this not a counterexample to Savage's Sure Thing Principle /u/TopMathematician8
  • Do logical operators exist or are they ways to make sense of the world through language? /u/Aloysius_Bloom
  • How does this argument work? (moral realism) /u/MuckDwellerLord
  • What does Kant suggest with "objective purposiveness"? /u/attic-orator
  • Is non-attachment (to desires) possible? /u/omegaape
  • How can we believe in causality and also believe in free will? Aren't they contradictory? /u/stargirl13x
  • Is there a moral basis for closed borders or border control? /u/i_film
  • Secondary resources on Aristotle /u/TheJarJarExp
  • How would Adorno approach new music media platforms like Spotify or SoundCloud? /u/MrWoodblockKowalski
  • Is life serious? /u/flashbros61
  • Explanation of Schopenhauer's quote /u/amritangshubaruah
  • Common Sense and a possible higher "principle" in the Third *Critique* /u/ruffletuffle
  • Immanuel Kant and German Idealism /u/Anti-Philosopher1999
  • Wittgenstein and Derrida - Outside of the text /u/p-sike
  • What was Kant's stance on God and his possible existence? /u/HaveChosenaUsername
  • Is there a news source that looks at information through a philosophical and logical lens. I’m tired of each main news source pandering to either side of American politics. /u/Calfredie01
  • Where do we draw the line when it comes to freedom?
  • Suppose that my interests are in danger and the only way it will be saved is if someone dies. Is it immoral to urge that person to sacrifice himself? /u/5i5yphu5
  • Are there better libertarians than Ayn Rand? /u/5i5yphu5