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  • /r/philosophy Open Discussion Thread | June 18, 2018 /u/AutoModerator
  • I thought I'd post my Philosophy dissertation from 2012: 'Should All Drugs Be Legalised?' /u/samwoolfe1
  • African philosophers have shaped Western philosophy more than we acknowledge | Omedi Ochieng /u/IAI_Admin
  • Stanley Cavell (1926-2018), American philosopher of film, ethics and language, has passed away. /u/King_of_Mormons
  • Regarding the Last Frontier of Bigotry by David DeGrazia /u/lovehazel
  • The Philosopher’s Joy: Why We Should Always Overthink Things Whenever Possible /u/respeckKnuckles
  • Some quantitative evidence of Kant's perceived importance in professional philosophy: Philosophy departments are much more likely to search for specialists in Kant than in any other philosopher. Poor Aristotle and Confucius aren't even close! /u/eschwitzgebel
  • Метафизика сознания. Созерцание сознания: скрытая энергия мышления. 6/14. /u/Pavloust
  • The Problem of Evil in Nature: Evolutionary Bases of the Prevalence of Disvalue | Oscar Horta [pdf] /u/The_Ebb_and_Flow
  • [blog] Rethinking heaven and hell. Hell is a state of mind where we are absent from the present moment (Heaven). /u/Troy_e
  • Extrema of Future Utopians /u/opelton
  • "America is not a nation," says philosopher Ken Taylor in a sneak-peek excerpt from his book-in-progress /u/philtalkradio
  • Professor writes about the philosophy mathematics invokes /u/Stone_d_
  • Anthropologist Nick Langlitz on psychedelics and philosophy /u/williamrnava
  • The Philosopher’s Problem: When and Why Thinking Can Be Harmful /u/DevFRus
  • Free Will Skepticism, An Incoherent Notion /u/MarvinBEdwards01
  • Mark Grief, "Cavell as Educator" | n+1 /u/Priorwater
  • Implications of Neuroscience on: The Free Will of Consciousness vs Materialistic Determinism /u/Greg4581
  • David Pena on animal suicide and whether nonhumans can reflect upon and reject their conditions of existence /u/IAI_Admin
  • On whether the state should pay for you to have children /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • The Fundamental Question /u/dezzion
  • Michael P. Lynch, "Trusting Intuitions" /u/Bulwarky
  • Why physicists need philosophy /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • "The Harmonic Void: Descartes’ Extended Substance" - (A long overdue reexamination of Descartes' "other" substance) /u/epochemagazine
  • Determinism and Libertarian Free Will /u/phantomupload
  • Westworld, Plotinus, and the Problem of Evil /u/RussianAtrocities


  • Announcement: Rule Changes /u/BernardJOrtcutt
  • /r/askphilosophy Open Discussion Thread | June 18, 2018 /u/AutoModerator
  • How irrational would it be to assume that you are the only conscious mind? /u/anxiouskid123
  • A question about primary/secondary intentionality according to Chalmers /u/Rope_Dragon
  • Reading Bergson /u/nickstavrogin
  • Vegans do not eat honey. Is there a good argument for the consumption of honey being unethical? /u/Moontouch
  • Contemporary Continental philosophy on perception /u/peridox
  • How to become an academic philosopher /u/trevorclever999
  • Secondary literature or background reading needed for reading Kojeve's 'Introduction to the Reading of Hegel'? /u/WernerHerzdog
  • What do "moral reasons" mean in this paragraph? /u/Yeahjustnah
  • I'm wondering if there are any philosophers who wrote on biblical exegesis or hermaneutics. Any suggestions appreciated /u/jlenders
  • Jean Paul Sartre and football /u/TouchMyBush69
  • What are the best papers on Heidegger? /u/PM_MOI_TA_PHILO
  • Did Foucault have a turn towards stoicism at the end of his life? /u/Bataillean_Incel
  • What should a structural realist think about 'indirect' observation? /u/Themoopanator123
  • New to reddit! I’m a philosophy novice who wants to get my feet wet— reading suggestions greatly appreciated! /u/the_meme_incarnate
  • Is there any point of playing society's game? /u/onogomo
  • Help in Philosophy of Science Please /u/notnoetic
  • Please, help me merge Philosophy into my practice. /u/kidfromabove
  • Some philosophers go through a 'mental break' such as John Stuart Mill. Others remain 'there' until death such as Nietzsche. Is there an author who deals specifically with philosophy's 'mental health'? /u/sukkotfretensis
  • Which works of Kierkegaard discuss sorrow? /u/5i5yphu5
  • What are great sources for getting a second interpretation of philosophical texts? /u/PaulyGee277
  • Which is the most highly respected/recommended English translation of Diels & Kranz' "Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker'? /u/hellopotentialfriend
  • Have there been any philosophers who have studied or created a bridge between Thermodynamics and Philosophy? /u/Alaran_Historian
  • Suggested philosophers with ideas similar to Marcel's definition of hope? /u/shinhwa_
  • Is the desire to live life the definition of insanity? /u/BruceDivine
  • Autodidactic study of Hegel /u/DeathtoVanGoghsEar