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  • /r/philosophy Open Discussion Thread | July 16, 2018 /u/AutoModerator
  • Many pseudoscientific theories are based on the divine fallacy, which is the incorrect assumption that if someone doesn’t understand the scientific explanation for a certain phenomenon or doesn’t believe it, then that phenomenon must occur as a result of divine intervention. /u/randomusefulbits
  • The Buddhist doctrine of no-self isn't cause for despair, but an opportunity for self-transformation and rediscovering one's own worth /u/IAI_Admin
  • The value of rationality, and why it matters /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • Why not even relativism can help defend the concept of alternative facts /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • Interview with Jan Westerhoff and Emptiness of Emptiness.. /u/Barkadion
  • artistic audio on the value of the concept of destination as well as the interconnectedness of existence explored through the lens of zen buddhism /u/WernorVonnegut
  • Bertrand Russell the need for public intellectuals to be political activists /u/adamvideo1
  • On The Slippery Slope Fallacy [Gay Marriage Leads to Pedophilia?] /u/TheOboeMan
  • Stanley Cavell, Philosopher Untamed /u/georglukacs
  • Moral Luck (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) /u/xTekek
  • Philosopher Michael Hicks on thought as interpersonal understanding /u/williamrnava
  • Michel Foucault - An In-Depth Explanation In Clear Language - Ataraxik /u/toddmalm
  • Thomas Metzinger's model of pure consciousness (2018) /u/CuriousIndividual0
  • Boredom: A History of Western Philosophical Perspectives /u/dezzion
  • Philosophical Intuition: on the nature of a priori justification /u/ADefiniteDescription
  • The Desire For Work As An Adaptive Preference /u/2noame
  • On hyper individualism in taboos and laws /u/123456fsssf
  • Video on: ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE - DEEPER THAN YOU THOUGHT by noob YouTuber Dr.D /u/AED92
  • We may find ourselves contemplating Camus' question as to whether one should kill oneself or have a cup of coffee. Stoics and existentialists agree that meaning in life does not come from the outside; the decision is entirely ours | Skye C. Cleary and Massimo Pigliucci /u/BothansInDisguise
  • In-depth interview with Joel Sati /u/fatsosis
  • Political, moral, and security challenges of space colonization /u/The_Ebb_and_Flow
  • "Kant makes the radical and highly innovative argument that autonomy of the individual is the enabling condition of moral philosophy.” /u/yyyyhz___
  • Classification of Approaches to Technological Resurrection - PhilPapers /u/avturchin
  • Podcast: The First Philosophers - Did political and philosophical debate happen in the earliest tribal societies - interview with Peter Adamson of the History of Philosophy Without any Gaps Podcast. /u/PollPhilPod
  • John Gray on Fictions, or What's Wrong With Holding Beliefs /u/drazenz


  • Announcement: Rule Changes /u/BernardJOrtcutt
  • /r/askphilosophy Open Discussion Thread | July 16, 2018 /u/AutoModerator
  • When given the choice, why do we kill the adult instead of the child? /u/Sombreteen
  • What is the impetus for Hume's rejection of causation? /u/minqhan
  • If there is a 1% chance of some action harming 1 Million people, should we treat that action the same as a certainty of harming 10,000 people? /u/nemo1889
  • Struggling with Wittgenstein's TLP /u/HaveChosenaUsername
  • Is the idea that all religions are valid interpretations of the transcendent called religious realism? /u/Gardengnomevariety
  • Video Games that deal with the themes of science and technology (STS)? /u/PeppaPigsDiarrhea69
  • Why would anyone think animals have moral value? /u/gearbutton
  • Did Heidegger or Sartre reject psychological determinism? Because they say we are free? How is that possible? /u/Gardengnomevariety
  • Should we consider things possible or do we need evidence for that? /u/ilovebiology123
  • Does Parfit's Relation R extend to people you've never met? /u/BoomWizard
  • What is the difference, if any, between reality and the Real? /u/siabod
  • Looking for clarity on an analysis of Kant's Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals /u/Slugs4Life
  • Question : decided to learn about Existentialism, what to read ? /u/Thorreia
  • What would be good topics to create a pseudobook of my own thoughts? /u/alfredo094
  • What is it called when you use refined intuitions to come to a judgment about moral cases? /u/Theprorules
  • Question about Arustotle and Plato from a newb /u/Landino68
  • How does compatibilism allow for free will, when there is no option for choice? /u/JustAWorldOfDew
  • What should I read on animal ethics? /u/AlyoshaKaramazov1
  • Can one still follow Schopenhauer today? Or has any developments after him refuted foundations of his system? /u/Gardengnomevariety
  • Can Simulation be considered communication? /u/HaydenGulek
  • Is there anything we can be absolutely certain of? /u/regi_zteel
  • Are there any definitive books on the fragments of Zeno of Citium? /u/imtoophilosophical
  • Wittgenstein's Philosophical Development /u/HaveChosenaUsername
  • What to do if you cant understand something and you have no one to explain it to you? /u/TrollacioPenaldo7
  • Why do you think *positive rights* should be a thing? /u/Treinstein