About Me

My name is Joshua. I’m a lifelong student of philosophy, but my interests are generally interdisciplinary. Something that I cannot let go of is a sense of wonder and curiosity with regard to the cosmos and human nature. I enjoy keeping a record of ideas, whether my own or others, of which I consider important or interesting in some way. I want to build a website that I can use as my own personal hub for exploring ideas across the internet. I curate thought-provoking content regularly via Twitter and Facebook. I used to find some satisfaction in keeping a type of online journal using Facebook’s Note system (2010-12). Since then, I’ve transferred those notes here (which I’ve categorized under “2012”) and built upon them in the Blog section. The Bookshelf section just kind of evolved out of a couple of old blog posts. The Links section was a continuation and expansion of another old blog post. I’ve shared some of my past writings and a portion of my experiences in life. Some of those writings are gathered here as a glimpse into the development of my perspective.

Natural Theology & Classical Apologetics (2006)

An essay concerning the arguments from natural theology for the existence of a theistic God.

Epistemology & The Soul (2006)

An essay that investigates the possibility of knowledge and the existence of a soul that persists after bodily death.

The History of an Error (2008)

An old and slightly embarrassing, yet still entertaining essay that I wrote around 2008. It is an essay written in favor of perspectivism that examines the value of Truth.

My Journey (2012)

A brief summary of my journey thus far with an examination of the most remarkable ideas that I have come across throughout the years.

Reason & Faith (2017)

A confession, of sorts, of my own misgivings regarding reason and faith, followed by Leo Tolstoy’s own personal confession.

Antilogicalism (2017)

An explanation of my choice of the site name “Antilogicalism” and a farewell to a great friend.

Contact: admin@antilogicalism.com